In the Spring of 2009, I bought a new point and shoot camera – the Casio Exilim EX-FC100. What’s cool about this camera is that it not only takes decent pictures and records 720p HD video, but it can also shoot slowmo videos at 210, 420, and 1000 frames per second. In the past year I’ve recorded a lot of stuff in slow mo – some boring, some not, and I feel like I should finally share some of the highlights.

To get an idea of what each of the settings looks like, here’s a demo of each speed:

210 frames per second

420 frames per second (video stretched to 2x actual size)

1000 frames per second (video stretched to 2x actual size)

As you can see, the video resolution degrades as the frame rate goes up. This is because of the way Casio squeezes so many frames per second out of a normal CMOS image sensor – the smaller the area they pull from the sensor, the faster they can grab the image. This results in both lower resolution and fewer photons getting to the sensor due to the shortened exposure time. So what does that mean? You need a TON of light to shoot in slowmo, which explains why most of the videos are either outdoors or near my old apartment’s brightly lit bathroom vanity.

Anyways, on to the videos! If anyone has any requests for other slowmo fun, post a comment!

Here’s a couple from the 2009 CMU Spring Carnival
These demonstrate a mixed video mode where you can swap between a normal 30fps and 210fps

The Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan had a dog long jump contest

While we’re on the subject of dogs, here’s a dog licking peanut butter off of its nose

Falling Water at Ohiopyle

If you thought marching band was exciting at normal speed, wait until you see… slowmo band!

Slowmo Power Tools

And finally, a montage of people making weird faces at 1000fps