Think It. Make It. Use It.

I’m going to the Art && Code 3D kinect hacking conference at CMU, and I figured it would be nice to have a way to mount my kinect right to my laptop. So far I’ve only downloaded and printed 3D models made by others (thanks to thingiverse) and have been really frustrated by the usual 3D modelers out there. I finally tried out OpenSCAD, which takes a programmatic approach to 3D modeling and it makes loads more sense to me than anything else I’ve used.

Kinect Stand in OpenSCAD

After a few false starts because of the kinect base being nearly the same size as the build platform, I was able to get a print in under an hour and a half.

Printing the Kinect Stand

I was really happy to see my measurements were spot on and the design fit the kinect really well.

3D Printed Kinect Stand

The only problem is the kinect is heavy enough to pull down the monitor if the screen is leaned back too far.

3D Printed Kinect Stand

At some point, I came to realize how crazy this all is – I wanted something that didn’t exist, designed it, and printed it out. We live in the future, and it is amazing.

Get the source code and model here