Storage cabinets are great for organizing small parts. Unfortunately the one I recently bought from Lowes didn’t come with drawer dividers. (I should have read the reviews first.)

Shop Stack-On 39-Drawer Storage Cabinet

I started to make my own from an old CD case but realized that they cracked easily and looked like crap.

Handmade Dividers

Then I remembered I had a 3D printer, and smacked myself for even trying to cut them myself. I fired up OpenSCAD and before too long had a model of a divider custom fit to the drawers in my cabinet.

OpenSCAD Drawer Divider Model

It took my Makerbot Cupcake a few minutes to print the first version and it fit really well.

3D Printed Drawer Divider

3D Printed Drawer Divider

The script is fully parameterized so you can customize it to fit whatever drawers are out there. Check out the code on github and on thingiverse.